My Mission?

It all started with trying out gyms and fitness classes in and around London. But it’s gone transatlantic now. I find it enormous fun to try different workouts, and it has the added side benefit of being healthy. Knowing what to expect from a workout can become quite boring and make it a painful slog. Every time I collide with a fitness fad I have no idea how challenging, fun or hard work it’s going to be. It makes working out exciting.

Most gyms and classes run introductory offers so its a great way to get an inexpensive workout. Try it.

Why am I writing a blog about this? Largely because I feel sharing my subjective experiences in these various facilities legitimizes my gym hopping, and abates residual guilt about taking advantage of the system. Oh and  I heard from unreliable sources that its obligatory to have a blog in 2015.

You sound like a joke, not an athlete, I hear you say. Well I don’t make self too seriously either but I used to be an athlete. I competed in Rowing at a National Level and then went on to train as a Rowing coach, which I turned out to be a lot better at! But sadly Whilst at University I decided to try something totally different and took up competitive cheerleading: less pompoms more death defying stunts. And I loved it! Despite fracturing my nose! I miss it so much!

I have replaced the hole cheer left in my life with Free Diving and bizarre gym classes.

 I am my happiest self in the water.


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