Hulahoop Hooligans

What? Hulafit
 Where? Hugh Cubitt Centre, Kings Cross


 Last night I dragged a reluctant friend along to a very popular Hulafit class after nabbing the last two spots online. Yes, this IS another fitness fad so of course it appeals, but this particular class is always booked up in advance as it’s run by Anna the Hulagan: THE doyenne of burlesque fire hooping. Yup apparently that’s a real  thing and she is the 2012 World Champion.

We turned up a tad late, the warm up already in full swing, grabbed some heavy weighted hoops, and scuttled to the back. It was immediately obvious why spaces were limited as the hoops are pretty huge and we wanted to avoid ‘hoop clash.’ I genuinely didn’t know if I would be able to hulahoop until I picked the thing up and spun it. No sooner had I managed to keep the thing spinning around my middle the whole class began pirouetting and performing squats whilst hula hooping. It was all a bit beyond me but I gave it my best shot, the Queen soundtrack boosting me along.

Anna-HulaganWe were instructed to hula hoop with our feet together and our hands held high, palms together in the ‘bean pole’ position if we couldn’t manage the other tricks. Sounds straight forward, altnough I felt that doing that non-stop for the entire class may have been more difficult than the tricks. Sets of 5 burpees were thrown in along with other boot-camp style exercises however the main focus was on the hulahooping. The weighted hoops were thankfully coated with a foam layer but still left you feeling slightly as if you’d been pummelled from your kidneys round to your belly button, along with accessorising you with a strip of red flushed skin from ‘hoop burn.’hula_hoops_glitter__03217_zoom

We then moved onto lighter hoops- these ones covered in iridescent colours and sparkly circus stripes. A definite relief after the weighted version and much more fun to look at! I couldn’t seem to get the technique to rotating the vertical hoop from one hand to the other across my back. In my desperate efforts to add the performance panache required, I flung my hoop wildly and accidentally at my class mates.  Thankfully they were pretty forgiving.

Loyalty cards were handed out at the end of the class for newcomers, which seems like a handy little scheme, especially when the class is £6 a pop. But in terms of laugh-per-£, this is by far one of the best value classes I’ve been to!


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