Power Pilates

What? Power Pilates

Where? Slice studios, Fulham


I have never participated in ‘Mat Pilates’ before so was unsure how Power Pilates differed from original Pilates, but it sounded cool – ‘Power Pilates- Level Up your fitness!!!’ – so I figured why not. Slice is located in the Cupcake building. Wedged in a white washed alley between other stylish start-ups. All with modern colour schemes and aspirational fonts.

Mummys BoudoirIt was very peaceful when I entered reception. Although the smartly attired, friendly receptionist told me with marked relief that it was because the crèche  had finally closed. I asked for the changing room. She told me to go up the stairs and look for the room signed ‘Mummy’s Boudoir’. Ok…As I climbed the stairs I suddenly had the uncomfortable suspicion I’d come to some’ yummy mummy’s’ only gym and would need to create a fictitious offspring to avoid being ostracised. This niggling worry was only increased when I saw the ‘VIP’ room where my class was to take place. In brackets underneath the friendly font it stated: Very Important Parents. What on earth had I missed on the website I asked myself?


The décor was over archingly girly. Like steping into a fairy’s womb. A sporty fairy that has washboard abs. If the fuchsia walls and liberal use of patterned wallpaper didn’t get the ethos across, the mirrored butterfly decals on the doors rammed it home.

I was instructed to get a mat, ball and ring at the beginning of the class. Rhythmic gymnastics here I come!

IMG_20140227_203913In my pre-emptive bashfulness/cowardice I positioned myself near the back wall of the studio. This became a problem when my sloth like limbs dragged against said wall during the more expansive movements. I shuffled away from the wall to lessen this as much as I could before I noticed the lady in front of me start to look visibly uncomfortable. At which point I figured one contorted hand wouldn’t make the whole movement defunct.

IMG_20140227_203955I crunched my synovial fluid in all different directions under the instruction of a lithe blond poster frau for Pilates. Until my spine was fully unfurled. Lots of balancing on four inches of hip bone was required. But I felt great afterwards. It was more of a technical challenge than a hard core workout. But it was certainly good for me, I just didn’t hurt the next day.

One of the many signs in the changing room.

One of the many signs in the changing roomhe next day.




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